Friday, June 26, 2009


there is a vaccum.. created by him.
while remebering the scenes of the "Heal the world.", yes.. i am feeling it...

"bye ..King of Pop


Your albums are different. unmatched songs, unmatched dances... no more words to express the feeling...

The song, "all wanna say that they don;t really care about us" attracted me to you.."

yes friend, now things are "history"...

just the feel it.. "void".


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Speechless moments..

Scene 1:
I wish to share an unexpected call I got from a person.

One fine after noon, I was in a meeting at office. some seniors were with me and we were discussing few official be precise, the discussion was about a few technical solutions in new generation 'Graphics'. (Graphics is a term used in software to talk pictures and visualization).

The phone rang. The handset failed to identify the number. There are many unsolicited calls from telemarketing people. So a call can not be welcomed wholehearted as it was in 90s.After one or two 'denials' by Red button of the phone, I attended the call. I was prejudiced. prepared to shout to marketing executive.

The male voice at the other end said in plain/clean Malayalam(translating the conversation to keep the theme here)

"Veenus... right?".
"I am one of your classmate. Not sure you remember me. we used to chat in those days".
"Who...?". "
"Shaju. Shaju NA.".
I was very happy. could not reply any word for few minutes. because I was in another context.

An incident from my classroom came into my mind. That too was Graphics!.

Scene2:flash back..
The place was the computer lab of Sree Rama Polytechnic. Few IBM computers were there. The major configuration was a 286pc

equipped with EGA, which was the main one there which is not allowed for student's use. I remember at that time I was only few months after I heard about that word("Graphics"). so because of curiosity, i did a program in Turbo Pascal which can lit the pixels based on our keyboard input. User can use some keys like (a,b,c,d) to control the lighting point. A key to switch on/off the MarkMode. The screen was black, which is normal in dos. Peers in the class or teacher did not notice this program.

that was a normal class. I tried to explain to few of my friends. nobody seems to be interested. I remember Manoj was appreciating about that. Then i went outside the lab to take a break. I was happy on making the program but was bit unhappy for not getting attention. After 1 hour, normally i was not a best student in timings!, reached back in the lab. to my surprise, i found a group (4 or 5) was around the computer where i put the program and doing something. when i glanced to the screen, i was speechless. there was a cartoon kind of picture in black and white. The person who drew the picture was Shaju. He was a good sketcher. so it was nothing great to him. anyway he just tried a new media to draw. also he asked me a very meaningful question. "Can I take printout of this. or can i keep it in my floppy". There were many 1.2 inch floppies.

That was my inspiration to dig into graphics. also it made me to think more serious way of keeping user-data. Those are very important in my professional life.

Nostalgia.. made me speechless. all these items came to my mind as i am seeing a film.

When I was thinking about these... Shaju was trying hard to introduce himself. He even went up to naming the college and other classmates.!

I said "yes.I know you. will call you.. I am in a meeting ".

He ended the call with a feeling of "no hope".(a guess..!). For me, it was too hard to convey my feelings. it was so huge which need clear modulation to transfer over a telephonic conversation!. That too from that official meeting scenario. Almost impossible. :(
In other words, there are many states in our life where we can not express our self as we want to express.

Meet Shaju in web at


Friday, August 15, 2008

Vandhe matharam...

Being an indian, I should not hide my feeling in this time of independence day celebrations. Saluting the great persons who contributed to form India. Vande matharam...

-- a copyrighted video... have a look.. only few minutes.

if not getting... try this link

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

During one of my travels, I was thinking about the difficulty of handling the baggage in the road and railway stations. Yes it is true that a trolley is kind of attachment to the bag is helping us. But when we go to in a rough road it will be difficult or even sometimes we may have to carry it by hand especially when we climb the steps in a typical railway station. So thought about an idea of making a trolley cum step climber equipment. Not as complex as a robot, just two mechanisms. a trolley with a step climber. OfCourse it should be ecconical to affordable to a normal travellor who wishes to buy a suitcase/trolley.

One of my friends, Manju, recently invited my attention to this site; I found the 'real' research happening to make a 'dog' ! Yes... there is a big dog is already there.. the video is also available...
Follow this link:
For those who are lazy to click and read the content, I am pasting few copyrighted material here from the site….

BigDog - The Most Advanced Quadruped Robot
on Earth
BigDog is the alpha male of the Boston Dynamics family of
robots. It is a quadruped robot that walks, runs, and climbs on rough terrain
and carries heavy loads. BigDog is powered by a gasoline engine that drives a
hydraulic actuation system. BigDog's legs are articulated like an animal’s, and
have compliant elements that absorb shock and recycle energy from one step to
the next. BigDog is the size of a large dog or small mule, measuring 1 meter
long, 0.7 meters tall and 75 kg weight.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Roman Influence

Roman Influence.... A new art work by me... !

art gallery is open... :)

Lazy... more things to add. don;t expect anything great, all are in this 'zero' level. but trying to become an artist is putting me in a state of happiness. so can not leave this... will update, no way...
friends, give me your comments...

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Tom Cruise Website rolled out in his 25th year in film industry


Tom Cruise's offcial website is here....

- a nice video combines many good moments from his films.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Italian Job - Not the film, the real one!

On July 9th, in a Swiss flight, I landed in Malpensa airport, Milan, Italy.
This Italian Job is a new assignment for me in Europe too. Till now I am only familiar with Asians. Mainly Japanese; So the observation towards this country might be poor. But please bare with me if I make blunders here
Let me start with one of my photo- A kid's expression in Monza park. :)

The main difference I found here in the 1st few days is the slow-nature in the culture compared to fast nature of Japanese. See one example.
The manager, who interacts from the customer side, asked me to prepare a document. The 1st schedule was 4 pm in the evening. Around 3 pm, he came to my seat and suggested me to complete it by next day as he found me referring another document for its preparation. He guessed that I am in hurry. Yes its true, I was not giving much attention to the things surrounding me. Basically he wants to get a ‘good’ and completed document rather than keeping the sharp-timing to complete the document. I guess this is different compared to Japanese customers. Right?
Yes a balance is definitely needed. But the pressure should be removed. There are positives and negatives. I am just quoting this for your analysis.

People are not so noisy compared to Chinese offices. But compared to Japan, they are talkative in office. They whistle or sing or happy to say a comment about your dress while you work. I guess may be my Indian company's workplace is more noisy. Anyway comparable.

English is lacking everywhere. But fortunately, we can guess the meaning of written boards on the sides of road. City is written something like “Citta”. The bus's tire is pronounced as 'ti' 're'. According to a person in the office, 'ti' has only one sound here. !

I use cycle for transportation. Left-hand driving, opposite to Indian road rules, is making few confusions. Here cyclers use normal roads, like in India and foot paths are only for pedestrians. In Japan, we need to use footpaths for cycling.
My cycle :-)

The concept of ‘U’ turn has been eliminated. They provide small 'round-about' (circle turn in the road) for almost all streets. As in other geographies, middle level important junctions are having traffic lamps. But anyway has no way to turn U there. The advantage is this small round about is that we can avoid traffic lights for many of the junctions. (compared to Japan, it is very low). Then they are not expecting much discipline as in Japan. But I rate it is better than road manners in few indian roads. Anyway both use common-sense more than Japanese.

The concept of one-way is very high. I think all the streets are very narrow. Of course, the buildings are having good roof height. It will make narrow-feeling to the road. Not the feeling the roads are narrow! So to avoid jams, one-way system is adapted for most of the housing colony kind of roads. Since the houses are made very near to the road, I think govt also can not widen the roads. That can also be a reason. I like one thing in this one-way system. They put the no-entry sign at least two sides of the road. In India, I had many instances of violating the one-way. While entering to a new street in 'right' direction, we may not know that it is a one way. After parking in some places, we may return. The other side there will be traffic police to charge us. Oh.. About police. Here I can find two kinds of police, one is military police, they have some name like 'Carabinerri'(see the photo) and local police (called Polizia ). Polizia cars will be there in road and normally they are very much engaged in verifying the documents of the bikers and car passengers. I did not try to analyze much. :)

We can see many premium cars from Audi, Benz,Volvo. Interestingly I could only find one ferrari in these 10 days. The other Italian common car is common here also!. I mean 'Fiat'.

Interestingly Hyundai's Santro is here with name ATOS. Getz from Hyundai is also here.

Santro is imported from Indian plant(I read about the Hyundai’s export details in India. So I am guess)!.

Then comes the case of Matiz. The models of old classic matiz by DEAWOO are plenty. The new matiz is by Chevrolet is spark in india. They did not call 'spark' here. It is too Matiz. I could find Tata vehicles!. Safari is here!. Only fully Indian automobile!. But only few I found. It is not at all common.
Then many enquired about the ‘nano’ and Mr.Tata. I think he did something great!.

Photo: Fiat's sexy grilled punto (pundo???)

Photo: Tata Safari

Before coming to small segment, the Benz's small community car is common. I should say very common. May be more than Matiz. Yes the 'smart' is that smart one.
Photo: Smart

Then motor bikes; we can see fast 1000cc+ bikes which draws zigzags. Friends, I welcome you here for biking. Anyway it is more enjoyable than watching the bikes in Japan(who only knows to keep rules!).

Photo: One bike i found in Monza street, not so fansy

The apartment is very large compared to Indian conditions. Very high roof is the main attraction. So streets seems to be very narrow, especially if it is not having any footpaths. This kind of feeling I usually get even in my home town, Thrissur; when we cycle through the roads near to an old church. So the point is the Christians copied many things from their own Rome. J
Photo:A typical street- a view near to Monza Duomo(Cathedral)

Now the sunset is happening around 9:30pm, so we can find few shops closed in day light!.

About people, Ladies are bit sexy. :D
Healthy and bold ladies are not bulky compared to UK and other typical European blonde ladies. But on average they have good height compared to Japanese. Cleavage is common compared to India or Japan. While visiting a church I found that the ladies without covering the shoulders are not allowing to enter to Church!. See a lady is waiting, her boy-friend who entered the church, by reading notices on the walls of the church. :)

People are not so polite in formal situations too. It is too a comparison with Japanese; I found difficult to find things in a supermarket. In Japan, those sales-girls will help us for finding things; right? Till now I could not find racism, but I think we can expect it in a hidden way. Basically we cannot expect much consideration from the public as a foreigner compared to Japan. May be an asian or indian. There are few Srilankans are here. Close resemblance to my skin color, but language is different.

All are very fond of Dogs, except church (trains, malls etc)we can see dogs with their owners.
Photo: A snap I got near to Monza Duomo

The people, at my office, told me that two cycles they lost from two of former guests. So I have advised to give special care. One person in the office says that there are many drug sellers in the few street. Anyway I heard that there are many pick-pocket guys and gals.

I am near to Milan. There is a good church in this city.

I heard that there is a church/museum shows original ‘Last supper’ by Leonardo DaVinci. Let me try to see it.

All of these are first level observation in 10 days. May be additions or deletions will come in coming days. Thanks for your patience.

Let me stop with another lively photo. This one I got in front of Monza Duomo.

if you have time, have a look at my picassaweb for the pictures. slide show is here for Milan Duomo album

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I forgot to update about my friends...
Roshan and Reji.
We were friends since our pre-teen.
Reji got married recently.

2 photos..from our recent picknic. on our 4th wedding answersary day. 26 Aug 2006